Welcome To Hanryu Beauty Wellness S.P.A

"Embark on a fragrant journey to uplift your body and soul. Treat yourself to profound relaxation with the finest massages and experience top-notch service."

Welcome to Hanryu Beauty Wellness S.P.A

Revitalize your mind, Body and Spirit
with the Hanryu Beauty Wellness S.P.A

HANRYU Beauty Wellness S.P.A will nurture your beauty and wellness both inside and out. Your time of peace is what we value most. We always welcome you, and we always wish for your well-being.


Every service is specifically designed to offer a unique experience


We offer a range of massage services, including Signature Massage, Hot Stone, Ventosa, and Relaxing Massage. You can also choose scented oil for your massage.


Hanryu offers Nail, Facial, and Waxing services that will enhance your beauty to perfection. Our nail products, made in Korea, and Orly Nail polish products, along with treatments like Acne & Hydra Facial, Warts removal, and even Micro-needling therapy are available. Our specialists are dedicated to enhancing your beauty with the expertise of Hanryu.


While receiving our services and enjoying your relaxing time at Hanryu, we prioritize your relaxation and inner peace. You can enhance your massage experience with our optional scented oil add-on, which will provide you with even more relaxation and help alleviate your stress.


Reserve now for your wellness and beauty. We will treat you as our most cherished and esteemed guest. Our massages, nail art, and beauty skin care will ensure your well-being and beauty are perfected with us.



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2nd floor Amber Place, Escriva Drive, Ortigas Center
Brgy San Antonio, Pasig City


Everyday AM 11:00 – AM 00:00